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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

By Angel `Raz' Colon

You stagger back a moment, regaining composure quickly and setting your eyes back onto the opponent. You spin on a heel, straightening out your other leg to perform a roundhouse kick, but your opponent parries, shoving your leg down while using your momentum to toss you over his shoulder in one swift movement. Your breath leaves you, but you stand up and return to the chaotic ballet of punches, kicks, blocks and parries. MORE...


Four corners of the mind

By Colleen Hard

Yoga is a timeless art, a spiritual practice, it is the quintessential exercise for the mind, body and the soul. It allows you take yourself away from the everyday hassles and stresses that comes along with work, school, family, and your personal life. It brings you into a enchanted place of quiet and peace while at the same time working your muscles and mind. MORE...

After Napster

By Lisa Dillon

So, there you are, spending every free minute you can find in between classes, scrambling to get as many songs you can download, wondering how much time you have left until Napster is shut down. Don't worry. There are a number of other sources for free music. These include offshoot programs that are of a similar nature to Napster, and guilt-free choices such as Internet radio. I devised a rating system and then perused these other programs to see what they had to offer. MORE...

The colorful world of colorguard

By Carolyn Kremler

You may take the floor in competition.Ē At these words the gym floor is transformed into what some call a theatrical performance, others call an abstract dance, and others call it nothing because they donít know what to call it. Bodies are moving, flags are swinging, sabres are flying and rifles are spinning. Welcome to the indoor colorguard universe. MORE...


Yes, volunteer means we get no pay

By Richard Muser

I remember sitting in class in high school, bored out of my mind in English class when all of a sudden my pager went off. The police radio desk operators voice rings out, "Ramsey Rescue you are requested to respond to Rt. 17 North access ramp from Lake street for an entrapment." Four others and myself, all members of the rescue squad in the High School, book it down the hallways, en route to the attendance office. We run by and stick our heads in to the office, state our names, and that we are leaving for a Rescue call, and run down the front lawn of the high school as fast a we can go to get on the rescue trucks. MORE...


Even an idiot can build web pages

By Chad Evans

Until a few years ago, one had to be proficient in writing HTML code to make a web page. It is no longer necessary to know the complex format, though. The web has become a friendly place where one can easily create a web page with a bit of guidance and direction. MORE...


Cooking: harder than it looks

By Holly Bernitt

The Mission: To create a gourmet meal fit for a king and queen with as little damage to man, beast and property as humanly possible. The Equipment: Everything that isnít nailed down in the kitchen, the Internet, cookbooks and the most powerful of all weapons in the universe, momís checkbook. Possible Dangers: Creepy disgruntled store employees. Crew: Three Purchase College freshman. Total cooking experience of the crew: Burnt microwave popcorn. MORE...


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