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Bamiyan / May 2002 / The lost Buddhas of Bamiyan province in Central Afghanistan
Qal-e-now / April 2002 / Taking refugees from Herat to their homes back in rural towns
Herat / April 2002 / Ancient Silk Road city filled with architecture and personalities
Jabalosaraj / May 2002 / Women take strong roles in Tajik town north of Kabul
Kabul / May 2002 / Various images of a shattered city returning to life
Kabul wedding / May 2002 / The bride was Tajik and the groom Pashto, pretty rare in Afghanistan
Panshir Valley / May 2002 / A river valley teems with life
Road to Kabul / May 2002 / Traveling over the Khyber Pass from Peshawar to Kabul
Torture / April 2002 / In a village outside Herat, a man shows how he was beaten by governtment officials
Iran            Afghanistan
22nd Bahman / February 11, 2002 / The annual anti-American street fair in Tehran
Isfahan / February 2002 / The glorious Safavid city remains one of world's greatest architectural wonders
Niavaron / Winter 2002 / The northern Tehran skyline resembles any huge modern city
Satellite Generation / Spring 2002 / At a party in Tehran the young breakdance and groove

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